Leeward Islands LEE v WIN Windward IslandsCaribbean T20 2011-12 • Kensington Oval, Bridgetown — 16 January 2012

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Windward IslandsWinner
10/157 1st innings

J Charlesb Tonge209-40222.22
MC Bascombec Hughes b Tonge2015-21133.33
ADS Fletcherb Tonge04-000
DS Smithb Athanaze3129-20106.89
K Lesporisc †Thomas b Athanaze1112-0191.66
GE Mathurinc †Thomas b Joseph1115-1073.33
DJG Sammyc †Thomas b Martin2515-03166.66
LAS Sebastienc Joseph b Athanaze37-0042.85
S Shillingfordnot out2110-31210
NT Pascalc †Thomas b Baker42-10200
KK Petersc & b Baker01-000
Extras11 (9w, 2lb)
Total10/157 (19.5 overs, 7.91rpo)
LS Baker3.503328.6-----
A Martin4045111.253----
GC Tonge402736.751----
JJ Athanaze4012331----
LN Joseph403819.5-----

Leeward Islands
10/135 2nd innings

KOA Powellc Pascal b Sammy3018-31166.66
ACL Richardsc Smith b Shillingford2736-3075
JS Liburdrun out (Smith/†Fletcher)88-10100
CF Hughesst †Fletcher b Shillingford2315-12153.33
DC Thomasc Smith b Shillingford1712-10141.66
SKE Burtonrun out (Smith)01-000
JJ Athanazerun out (Sammy)35-0060
GC Tongec Lesporis b Mathurin913-0069.23
LN Josephc Charles b Shillingford02-000
LS Bakerb Peters116-20183.33
A Martinnot out00-000
Extras7 (9w, 2lb)
Total10/135 (19.2 overs, 6.98rpo)
NT Pascal201809-----
GE Mathurin401914.751----
KK Peters2.201717.281----
LAS Sebastien302909.66-----
DJG Sammy402917.251----
S Shillingford402245.52----
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