Combined Campuses and Colleges CCC v SUS Sussex SharksCaribbean T20 2011-12 • Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound — 13 January 2012

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Combined Campuses and CollegesWinner
5/130 1st innings

CAK Waltonc Adkin b Nash48-1050
RK Currencyc Hodd b Wernars4848-31100
FL Reiferc †Brown b Liddle1110-01110
KA Hopec Gatting b Adkin1116-1068.75
KR Mayersc Nash b Liddle3331-12106.45
RA Wigginsnot out74-10175
JO Holdernot out23-0066.66
Did not batRA Austin, K Kantasingh, KYG Ottley, H Henry
Extras14 (5w, 6lb, 3b)
Total5/130 (20 overs, 6.5rpo)
CD Nash3021172----
JE Anyon301705.662----
CJ Liddle401724.25-----
WAT Beer401704.251----
WA Adkin402817-----
KO Wernars2021110.5-----

Sussex Sharks
9/101 2nd innings

CD Nashc Henry b Kantasingh04-000
JS Gattinglbw b Austin3732-51115.62
MW Machanb Austin515-0033.33
KO Wernarslbw b Currency513-0038.46
BC Brownb Ottley2723-21117.39
MH Yardylbw b Currency01-000
AJ Hoddc Reifer b Currency310-0030
WA Adkinnot out810-0080
WAT Beerst †Walton b Ottley01-000
JE Anyonst †Walton b Currency01-000
CJ Liddlenot out59-0055.55
Extras11 (5w, 6lb, 3b)
Total9/101 (20 overs, 5.05rpo)
K Kantasingh4120151----
JO Holder2020010-----
KYG Ottley402325.751----
RA Austin401223-----
RK Currency408421----
KR Mayers201306.52----
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