Otago Sparks OTA v WEL Wellington BlazeAction Cricket Twenty20 2011-12 • Brooklands Park, Mosgiel — 03 December 2011

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Wellington BlazeWinner
8/108 1st innings

MG Wakefieldc Martin b Bates5861062.5
LR Doolanrun out (Stiven)3680050
SJ Taylorc Miles b Kane13132400100
EC Perryst †Crowley b Miles3870037.5
MJ Hodgsonlbw b Abbott1725281068
SEA Rucknot out3035511085.71
AC Stockwellc †Crowley b Abbott3780042.85
AD Evansb Miles913211069.23
KM Sutherlandrun out (Bates)33300100
MD Bunkallnot out22200100
Did not batDM Doughty, SL McDonald
Extras20 (17w, 3lb)
Total8/108 (20 overs, 5.4rpo)
SW Bates402516.25-----
TJ Morrison401403.51----
NT Miles401824.51----
AL Kane10141144----
VL Abbott4012231----
BMM Thayer2014073----
KA Stiven108081----

Otago Sparks
2/108 2nd innings

SW Batesc Wakefield b Sutherland2128291075
KJ Martinrun out (sub [SL McDonald])4554662083.33
LM Grantnot out2736411075
NT Milesnot out43400133.33
Did not batAL Kane, TJ Morrison, KJ Crowley, VL Abbott, KA Stiven, RA Heenan, BMM Thayer
Extras11 (17w, 3lb)
Total2/108 (20 overs, 5.4rpo)
LR Doolan401403.5-----
SEA Ruck402005-----
MD Bunkall40280721---
AD Evans001001----
KM Sutherland402115.25-----
DM Doughty4024063----
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