Uttar Pradesh UTT v RAJ RajasthanSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2011-12 • Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore — 24 October 2011

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Uttar PradeshWinner
5/168 1st innings

TM Srivastavab DL Chahar1211172-109.09
M Kaifc RR Chahar b Singh4739546-120.51
P Guptac Bist b RR Chahar10692-166.66
Parvinder Singhb RR Chahar132--33.33
A Alamc Menaria b Singh3927336-144.44
PP Chawlanot out39252632156
ER Dwivedinot out129161-133.33
Did not batRP Singh, S Tyagi, B Kumar, PSK Gupta
Extras8 (2w, 6lb)
Total5/168 (20 overs, 8.4rpo)
Pankaj Singh4-32-8-----
DL Chahar4-28172----
RR Chahar4-2827-----
Shardanand Yadav3-31-10.33-----
G Singh4-2827-----
AL Menaria1-15-15-----
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7/141 2nd innings

PI Sharmac Srivastava b Alam1213232-92.3
DH Yagnikst †Dwivedi b Chawla2228401-78.57
AL Menariab Chawla31222231140.9
Puneet Yadavnot out43284241153.57
VA Deshpandec Alam b Chawla998--100
RR Chaharrun out (Kumar)141010-1140
R Bistrun out (Alam)4611--66.66
DL Chaharb Singh-11---
Pankaj Singhnot out231--66.66
Did not batG Singh, Shardanand Yadav
Extras4 (2w, 6lb)
Total7/141 (20 overs, 7.05rpo)
B Kumar4-25-6.251----
RP Singh4-2817-----
S Tyagi11--------
A Alam3-2016.66-----
TM Srivastava2-13-6.5-----
PP Chawla4-2736.75-----
P Gupta2-26-131----
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