Railways RAI v UTT Uttar PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2011-12 • Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore — 21 October 2011

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Uttar Pradesh
10/113 1st innings

TM Srivastavac †Rawat b Bangar22161940137.5
M Kaifc †Rawat b Yadav043000
Ravikant Shuklac Singh b Anureet Singh032000
Parvinder Singhst †Rawat b Avinash Yadav41356031117.14
AP Choprac Salvi b Avinash Yadav1450025
PP Chawlac Anureet Singh b Avinash Yadav042000
A Alamc Sharma b Avinash Yadav33293311113.79
ER Dwivedilbw b Sharma2360066.66
B Kumarrun out (Sharma/†Rawat)69150066.66
RP Singhb Anureet Singh51290041.66
S Tyaginot out22300100
Extras1 (1nb)
Total10/113 (20 overs, 5.65rpo)
Jai P Yadav302117-----
Anureet Singh301224-----
SB Bangar301916.33-1---
Avinash Yadav411543.75-----
KV Sharma401614-----
Ashish Yadav1013013-----
SN Khanolkar201708.5-----

3/114 2nd innings

SN Khanolkarc Srivastava b Chawla2830353093.33
M Rawatnot out50437841116.27
TP Singhb Tyagi1828231064.28
KV Sharmac Kaif b Kumar78120087.5
SB Bangarnot out85501160
Did not batAvinash Yadav, DP Salvi, Jai P Yadav, R Bishnoi, Ashish Yadav, Anureet Singh
Extras3 (1nb)
Total3/114 (19 overs, 6rpo)
B Kumar301916.331----
RP Singh4032081----
S Tyagi402616.51----
PP Chawla401814.5-----
A Alam401904.75-----
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