Madhya Pradesh MAD v RAJ RajasthanSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2011-12 • Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore — 20 October 2011

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8/127 1st innings

DH Yagnikc Amarjeet Singh b Sudhindra4651066.66
PI Sharmac Harpreet Singh b Anand Rajan68181075
RR Chaharc †Ojha b Jalaj S Saxena2425403096
AL Menariac Harpreet Singh b Ankit Sharma3670050
VA Deshpandeb Jalaj S Saxena15131010115.38
Puneet Yadavnot out48354941137.14
R Bistc †Ojha b Ankit Sharma47190057.14
Shardanand Yadavlbw b Ankit Sharma3560060
Afroz Khanrun out (Rameez Khan)79150077.77
Pankaj Singhnot out2670033.33
Did not batG Singh
Extras11 (5w, 4lb, 2b)
Total8/127 (20 overs, 6.35rpo)
TP Sudhindra402516.253----
Anand Rajan402115.25-----
Ankit Sharma401834.5-----
Jalaj S Saxena403228-----
Amarjeet Singh301705.662----
Rameez Khan10808-----

Madhya PradeshWinner
3/128 2nd innings

NV Ojhac Bist b Chahar20141731142.85
MD Mishrab Chahar014000
Jalaj S Saxenanot out47426540111.9
Harpreet Singhc Chahar b Afroz Khan38374812102.7
M Alinot out93320300
Did not batAnand Rajan, TP Sudhindra, UA Birla, Rameez Khan, Amarjeet Singh, Ankit Sharma
Extras14 (5w, 4lb, 2b)
Total3/128 (16.1 overs, 7.91rpo)
Pankaj Singh3.102106.632----
RR Chahar403829.53----
Afroz Khan302418-----
Shardanand Yadav302006.66-----
G Singh201407-----
VA Deshpande10303-----
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