Andhra AND v GOA GoaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2011-12 • TI Cycles Ground, Chennai — 19 October 2011

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9/118 1st innings

VM Saic †Keni b RS D'Souza2721-41128.57
M Chidambareswara Raoc Yadav b RT D'Souza14-0025
Y Premsagarc RS D'Souza b RT D'Souza14-0025
Y Gnaneswara Raorun out (Yadav)1225-0048
V Lenninst †Keni b Raut1618-2088.88
AG Praveenb RS D'Souza1413-10107.69
SH Srinivasc †Keni b RS D'Souza01-000
G Elaizarlbw b Bandekar88-10100
GV Sarath Babub Bandekar1721-2080.95
J Praveen Kumarnot out45-0080
Did not batB Arun Kumar
Extras18 (12w, 2lb, 4b)
Total9/118 (20 overs, 5.9rpo)
SS Bandekar403528.75-----
RT D'Souza4016243----
SB Yadav401503.751----
RS D'Souza411934.755----
AS Raut2016183----
Amit Yadav201105.5-----

8/122 2nd innings

SK Kamatst †Sai b Srinivas1315-3086.66
SA Asnodkarnot out1413-10107.69
AS Rautc Gnaneswara Rao b Sarath Babu48-1050
SV Saravananc Elaizar b Praveen Kumar715-1046.66
R Kenist †Sai b Srinivas2221-30104.76
SS Bandekarc Elaizar b Srinivas1510-11150
Amit Yadavb Elaizar3128-21110.71
RT D'Souzab Arun Kumar98-00112.5
SB Yadavb Elaizar01-000
VS Kamathnot out41-10400
Did not batRS D'Souza
Extras3 (12w, 2lb, 4b)
Total8/122 (20 overs, 6.1rpo)
B Arun Kumar401814.5-----
GV Sarath Babu201819-----
SH Srinivas4128371----
AG Praveen301505-----
J Praveen Kumar402516.252----
G Elaizar301826-----
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