Brisbane Heat HEA v STR Adelaide StrikersBig Bash League 2011-12 • The Gabba, Brisbane — 02 January 2012

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Adelaide StrikersWinner
4/166 1st innings

M Klingerc †Hartley b Neser5344-70120.45
DJ Harrisc Forrest b McDermott1713-20130.76
CJ Fergusonc Forrest b McDermott1113-1084.61
TLW Coopernot out4327-51159.25
CJ Borgasc Neser b Hauritz57-0071.42
J Bothanot out2816-21175
Did not batBG Drew, AW O'Brien, AC Thomas, KW Richardson, J Muirhead
Extras9 (5w, 4lb)
Total4/166 (20 overs, 8.3rpo)
RJ Harris402907.251----
CA Lynn1012012-----
NM Hauritz403919.75-----
DT Christian403408.51----
AC McDermott403127.75-----
MG Neser301715.661----

Brisbane Heat
10/135 2nd innings

AW Robinsonc Ferguson b Richardson810-1080
ML Haydenc Muirhead b Richardson135-02260
PJ Forrestc Ferguson b Thomas15-0020
DT Christianrun out (Ferguson)1613-20123.07
CA Lynnc Botha b Drew1918-11105.55
MG Neserc Borgas b Muirhead16-0016.66
CD Hartleyc Klinger b Muirhead118-10137.5
SJ Paulsennot out3526-11134.61
RJ Harrisc Harris b Drew119-20122.22
NM Hauritzrun out (Botha)44-00100
AC McDermottrun out (Ferguson/Botha)55-00100
Extras11 (5w, 4lb)
Total10/135 (18 overs, 7.5rpo)
AC Thomas302618.662----
KW Richardson21221-----
BG Drew402726.752----
AW O'Brien402706.75-----
J Muirhead201728.5-1---
J Botha3030010-----
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