Faisalabad Wolves FAI v MUL Multan TigersFaysal Bank Super Eight T-20 Cup 2011 • Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad — 23 June 2011

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Faisalabad WolvesWinner
3/199 1st innings

Mohammad Hafeezc †Gulraiz Sadaf b Abdur Rauf013000
Asif Hussainb Zulfiqar Babar50356142142.85
Asif Alic Yasir Arafat b Ahmed Raza100598097169.49
Misbah-ul-Haqnot out32213022152.38
Ali Waqasnot out74710175
Did not batKhurram Shehzad, Naved Latif, Mohammad Talha, Zahoor Khan, Hasan Mahmood (1), Naseer Akram
Extras10 (9w, 1lb)
Total3/199 (20 overs, 9.95rpo)
Abdur Rauf403619-----
Mohammad Irfan4042010.53----
Ali Moazzam403709.251----
Ahmed Raza4046111.51----
Zulfiqar Babar413719.25-----

Multan Tigers
10/130 2nd innings

Yasir Arafat (2)c Mohammad Hafeez b Naseer Akram78181087.5
Zain Abbasc Khurram Shehzad b Naseer Akram23162950143.75
Zeeshan Ashrafb Mohammad Hafeez27232821117.39
Rameez Alamc Mohammad Talha b Hasan Mahmood1926471173.07
Naved Yasinb Mohammad Hafeez169821177.77
Gulraiz Sadafc Ali Waqas b Hasan Mahmood2340066.66
Abdur Raufc & b Hasan Mahmood99601100
Zulfiqar Babarc Misbah-ul-Haq b Hasan Mahmood2560040
Mohammad Irfannot out661301100
Ahmed Razac Misbah-ul-Haq b Hasan Mahmood012000
Ali Moazzamc Misbah-ul-Haq b Khurram Shehzad058000
Extras19 (9w, 1lb)
Total10/130 (18.2 overs, 7.09rpo)
Mohammad Talha301906.3321---
Naseer Akram4043210.75-----
Mohammad Hafeez412025-----
Zahoor Khan301304.333----
Hasan Mahmood (1)402355.75-----
Khurram Shehzad0.2051153----
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