Leicestershire Foxes LEI v NOT Nottinghamshire OutlawsFriends Life t20 2011 • Grace Road, Leicester — 09 June 2011

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Nottinghamshire Outlaws
8/164 1st innings

AD Halesc McDonald b Gurney6981066.66
MH Wesselsc †Nixon b Gurney1071020142.85
AC Vogesrun out (McDonald)36243340150
DJ Husseyc Abdul Razzaq b Hoggard32162051200
SR Patelc Cobb b Henderson20172120117.64
CMW Readc Abdul Razzaq b McDonald25181730138.88
SJ Mullaneyc Cobb b Abdul Razzaq19171801111.76
SL Elstoneb Abdul Razzaq1012121083.33
DJ Pattinsonnot out001000
LJ Fletchernot out011000
Did not batA Carter
Extras6 (2w, 2nb, 2lb)
Total8/164 (20 overs, 8.2rpo)
HF Gurney4040210-1---
Abdul Razzaq402325.75-----
MJ Hoggard2021110.5-----
WA White2021010.52----
CW Henderson403017.5-----
AB McDonald402716.75-----

Leicestershire Foxes
0/21 2nd innings

JJ Cobbnot out1011101090.9
AB McDonaldnot out1151020220
Did not batMJ Hoggard, WI Jefferson, PA Nixon, Abdul Razzaq, J du Toit, CW Henderson, WA White, HF Gurney, JWA Taylor
Extras0 (2w, 2nb, 2lb)
Total0/21 (2.4 overs, 7.87rpo)
DJ Pattinson1.40905.4-----
LJ Fletcher1012012-----
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