Abbottabad Falcons ABB v MUL Multan TigersNational T20 Cup 2010-11 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 10 October 2010

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Abbottabad Falcons
7/147 1st innings

Mir Azamb Imranullah Aslam41335871124.24
Sajjad Alib Mohammad Irfan19182920105.55
Fawad Khanc †Gulraiz Sadaf b Rizwan Haider1012100183.33
Adnan Raeesc Mohammad Irfan b Saeed Anwar42313141135.48
Wajid Alic †Gulraiz Sadaf b Saeed Anwar18161620112.5
Yasir Shahrun out (Mohammad Irfan)75601140
Ahmed Saidc Imranullah Aslam b Mohammad Irfan1330033.33
Khalid Usmannot out11200100
Did not batJunaid Khan, Ahmed Jamal, Jahangir Shah
Extras8 (6w, 1lb, 1b)
Total7/147 (20 overs, 7.35rpo)
Abdur Rauf302408-----
Mohammad Irfan411122.75-----
Rizwan Haider3027191----
Kashif Naved201708.51----
Zulfiqar Babar402807-----
Imranullah Aslam2022111-----
Saeed Anwar jnr201628-----

Multan TigersWinner
3/148 2nd innings

Taimur Ahmedc Mir Azam b Junaid Khan14100025
Imranullah Aslamc †Ahmed Said b Jahangir Shah218831262.5
Gulraiz Sadafnot out71627171114.51
Rameez Alamb Yasir Shah32294950110.34
Naved Yasinnot out17101911170
Did not batAbdur Rauf, Kashif Naved, Saeed Anwar jnr, Zulfiqar Babar, Rizwan Haider, Mohammad Irfan
Extras6 (6w, 1lb, 1b)
Total3/148 (18.5 overs, 7.85rpo)
Junaid Khan402616.53----
Jahangir Shah2025112.5-----
Ahmed Jamal402807-----
Sajjad Ali109091----
Khalid Usman3.502707.04-----
Yasir Shah403117.75-----
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