Gujarat GUJ v SAU SaurashtraSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2010-11 • Reliance Stadium, Vadodara — 24 October 2010

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9/89 1st innings

CR Pathakc Yadav b Trivedi21050020
SD Jogiyanirun out (Parmar)037000
CA Pujarab Trivedi021000
SH Kotakb Makla2128381075
JN Shahc Trivedi b Bhatt2933256087.87
SP Jacksonc Parmar b Chaudhary2520040
PS Mehtalbw b Chaudhary011000
RV Dhurvc Parmar b Makla3630050
SM Maniarnot out24211820114.28
JA Odedrarun out (†PA Patel)511130045.45
Did not batJD Unadkat
Extras3 (3w)
Total9/89 (20 overs, 4.45rpo)
SK Trivedi411423.51----
RP Dahiya20703.5-----
IH Chaudhary401624-----
JT Makla4024261----
RH Bhatt20713.51----
SG Yadav301806-----
NK Patel10303-----

9/86 2nd innings

PA Patelb Maniar1450025
PR Parmarb Odedra14142620100
NK Patelb Unadkat2480050
JD Desaic †Jogiyani b Odedra1423300060.86
BD Thakerrun out (Kotak)1422290063.63
RH Bhattc Pathak b Unadkat1425320056
RP Dahiyac Mehta b Unadkat1115200173.33
SK Trivedirun out (Shah)33700100
JT Maklarun out (Maniar)59120055.55
IH Chaudharynot out1250050
Did not batSG Yadav
Extras7 (3w)
Total9/86 (20 overs, 4.3rpo)
JD Unadkat401834.51----
SM Maniar401313.252----
JA Odedra401523.75-1---
RV Dhurv402506.251----
PS Mehta204021----
SH Kotak201005-----
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