Rajasthan RAJ v VID VidarbhaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2010-11 • Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur — 24 October 2010

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7/169 1st innings

AG Paunikarnot out78568263139.28
AV Ubarhanderun out (Vivek Yadav)001000
AS Naiduc Deshpande b RR Chahar106620166.66
R Jangidc Puneet Yadav b Vivek Yadav36222742163.63
HS Joshib Puneet Yadav210140020
SU Shrivastavab Afroz Khan1517141088.23
G Upadhyayarun out (Puneet Yadav)1571102214.28
SB Waghrun out (Deshpande)1230050
Did not batSR Singh, AA Wakhare, U Yadav
Extras12 (8w, 2lb, 2b)
Total7/169 (20 overs, 8.45rpo)
DL Chahar403007.5-----
RR Chahar302719-----
Afroz Khan3034111.33-----
Vivek Yadav402616.5-----
M Khatri3027092----
Puneet Yadav3021172----

7/135 2nd innings

A Choprarun out (Wakhare)4245682093.33
DH Yagnikc †Paunikar b Wagh36222523163.63
Puneet Yadavrun out (Wakhare)16142230114.28
VA Saxenalbw b Wakhare97910128.57
HH Kanitkarc Joshi b Wakhare22100100
RR Chaharb Wagh614190042.85
VA Deshpandec Ubarhande b Yadav3650050
Afroz Khannot out45100080
DL Chaharnot out55410100
Did not batM Khatri, Vivek Yadav
Extras12 (8w, 2lb, 2b)
Total7/135 (20 overs, 6.75rpo)
SR Singh302608.661----
U Yadav402115.251----
SB Wagh402225.51----
R Jangid403007.5-----
AS Naidu402305.75-----
AA Wakhare10424-----
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