Andhra AND v GOA GoaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2010-11 • Gymkhana Ground, Hyderabad — 15 October 2010

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8/112 1st innings

RP Anilc Amit Yadav b Gadekar5661083.33
VM Sailbw b Bandekar1292220133.33
ASK Varmac Yadav b Bandekar11111320100
Y Venugopal Raoc Bandekar b Yadav2122321195.45
KS Sahabuddinlbw b Jakati13100033.33
G Shankara Raorun out (Asnodkar)4640066.66
HH Watekarb Bandekar41292741141.37
AG Praveenc †Ratra b D'Souza45140080
V Lenninnot out53410166.66
DP Vijaykumarnot out52210250
Did not batNJSR Prasad
Extras3 (2w, 1b)
Total8/112 (16 overs, 7rpo)
SS Bandekar302538.33-----
HH Gadekar301615.331----
RT D'Souza201618-----
SB Jakati302016.661----
Amit Yadav301705.66-----
SB Yadav201718.5-----

7/114 2nd innings

SK Kamatc Venugopal Rao b Shankara Rao37284140132.14
SA Asnodkarlbw b Sahabuddin68151075
S Vidyutc †Sai b Sahabuddin2370066.66
A Ratrac Shankara Rao b Prasad13132110100
R Kenic Anil b Shankara Rao910170090
SS Bandekarc Watekar b Shankara Rao2760028.57
SB Jakatib Shankara Rao6780085.71
RT D'Souzanot out19101421190
Amit Yadavnot out981200112.5
Did not batSB Yadav, HH Gadekar
Extras11 (2w, 1b)
Total7/114 (15.4 overs, 7.27rpo)
KS Sahabuddin301926.334----
DP Vijaykumar2.4027010.121----
NJSR Prasad3012142----
AG Praveen302709-----
G Shankara Rao402546.25-----
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