Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB v SA South AustraliaChampions League Twenty20 2010-11 • Kingsmead, Durban — 16 September 2010

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Royal Challengers Bangalore
10/154 1st innings

MK Pandeyc Harris b Tait4531080
R Dravidc †Manou b O'Brien411290036.36
RV Uthappac Ferguson b Putland022000
LRPL Taylorc †Manou b Tait46283381164.28
CL Whitec Putland b Christian2529561086.2
V Kohlic Tait b Bailey3780042.85
D du Preezc Harris b Christian46252214184
P Kumarb Putland63201200
R Vinay Kumarc Borgas b Christian6760085.71
DW Steynb Christian011000
A Kumblenot out11100100
Extras13 (11w, 2lb)
Total10/154 (19.5 overs, 7.76rpo)
SW Tait402325.752----
GD Putland403729.252----
AW O'Brien4028172----
DT Christian3.5023461----
CB Bailey302919.66-----
DJ Harris1012012-----

South AustraliaWinner
2/155 2nd innings

DJ Harrisrun out (Kohli/Kumble)57386172150
M Klingernot out69578191121.05
GA Manoub Kumble032000
CJ Fergusonnot out21141620150
Did not batCJ Borgas, CB Bailey, DT Christian, AW O'Brien, GD Putland, SW Tait, TLW Cooper
Extras8 (11w, 2lb)
Total2/155 (18.3 overs, 8.37rpo)
P Kumar402807-----
DW Steyn403809.52----
D du Preez302608.66-----
A Kumble402516.25-1---
R Vinay Kumar3.303309.42-----
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