Faisalabad Wolves FAI v ISL Islamabad LeopardsNational T20 Cup 2009-10 • National Stadium, Karachi — 05 March 2010

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Islamabad Leopards
10/103 1st innings

Raheel Majeedc †Mohammad Salman b Asad Ali4531080
Umair Khanc Samiullah Khan b Khurram Shehzad1219382063.15
Mohammad Yousufc Zeeshan Butt b Asad Ali47121057.14
Fayyaz Ahmedc Mohammad Hafeez b Khurram Shehzad2021263095.23
Azhar Mahmoodc Asad Ali b Mohammad Hafeez2990022.22
Faizan Riazc †Mohammad Salman b Saeed Ajmal25212120119.04
Naeem Anjumc Samiullah Khan b Saeed Ajmal1621181076.19
Shoaib Akhtarc Mohammad Hafeez b Shahid Nazir022000
Iftikhar Anjumst †Mohammad Salman b Saeed Ajmal79140077.77
Imad Wasimc Ali Waqas b Saeed Ajmal2670033.33
Kamran Hussainnot out00100-
Extras11 (3w, 4nb, 4lb)
Total10/103 (19.4 overs, 5.23rpo)
Asad Ali412125.2512---
Samiullah Khan301906.331----
Mohammad Hafeez401313.251----
Khurram Shehzad301023.33-----
Saeed Ajmal3.402045.45-----
Shahid Nazir201618-----

Faisalabad WolvesWinner
3/106 2nd innings

Mohammad Hafeezb Shoaib Akhtar024000
Asif Hussainc Kamran Hussain b Imad Wasim44396451112.82
Ali Waqasrun out (Faizan Riaz)3237593186.48
Khurram Shehzadnot out81280166.66
Zeeshan Buttnot out1310033.33
Did not batMisbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Salman, Shahid Nazir, Saeed Ajmal, Samiullah Khan, Asad Ali
Extras21 (3w, 4nb, 4lb)
Total3/106 (15.3 overs, 6.83rpo)
Shoaib Akhtar402115.251----
Azhar Mahmood20200103----
Iftikhar Anjum201608-----
Imad Wasim402215.54----
Kamran Hussain3.302507.141----
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