Hyderabad Hawks HYD v LAH Lahore EaglesNational T20 Cup 2009-10 • National Stadium, Karachi — 01 March 2010

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Lahore EaglesWinner
7/159 1st innings

Humayun Farhatb Mir Ali2081031250
Imran Farhatst †Ayaz Jamali b Azeem Ghumman27223050122.72
Khaqan Arsalc †Ayaz Jamali b Azeem Ghumman1113281084.61
Aamer Sajjadc Shahid Qambrani b Lal Kumar32294120110.34
Kamran Sajidc †Ayaz Jamali b Zahid Mahmood1116190068.75
Jahangir Mirzanot out38242541158.33
Ali Azmatc †Ayaz Jamali b Rehan Nizamuddin5650083.33
Mohammad Irshadrun out (†Ayaz Jamali/Mir Ali)11300100
Mohammad Khalilnot out11200100
Did not batFahad Masood, Saad Nasim
Extras13 (11w, 2lb)
Total7/159 (20 overs, 7.95rpo)
Mir Ali40401103----
Ghulam Shabbir10160161----
Lal Kumar402516.25-----
Azeem Ghumman402225.54----
Zahid Mahmood4028172----
Rehan Nizamuddin302618.66-----

Hyderabad Hawks
10/113 2nd innings

Sharjeel Khanc †Humayun Farhat b Mohammad Irshad47130057.14
Azeem Ghummanc Imran Farhat b Mohammad Irshad074000
Aqeel Anjumrun out (Aamer Sajjad)25244120104.16
Shahid Qambranic †Humayun Farhat b Fahad Masood116520183.33
Lal Kumarst †Humayun Farhat b Imran Farhat38343241111.76
Ghulam Shabbirc Kamran Sajid b Imran Farhat541210125
Nasrullah Memonc Mohammad Irshad b Jahangir Mirza108420125
Mir Alic †Humayun Farhat b Imran Farhat1113132084.61
Ayaz Jamalic Kamran Sajid b Imran Farhat011000
Zahid Mahmoodc Saad Nasim b Imran Farhat23100066.66
Rehan Nizamuddinnot out11100100
Extras6 (11w, 2lb)
Total10/113 (18 overs, 6.27rpo)
Mohammad Khalil201206-----
Mohammad Irshad301625.331----
Fahad Masood301715.661----
Saad Nasim201206-----
Ali Azmat20200101----
Imran Farhat402656.5-----
Jahangir Mirza20713.5-----
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