Multan Tigers MUL v QUE Quetta BearsNational T20 Cup 2009-10 • National Stadium, Karachi — 28 February 2010

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Quetta Bears
10/99 1st innings

Abdul Majeedst †Gulraiz Sadaf b Zulfiqar Babar3234-3194.11
Shoaib Khan jnrb Mohammad Irfan1314-1092.85
Taimur Alic Saeed Anwar b Abdur Rauf46-1066.66
Nasrullah Khanc †Gulraiz Sadaf b Rizwan Haider49-1044.44
Manzoor Ahmedc & b Mohammad Hafeez39-0033.33
Taimur Siddiqlbw b Mohammad Hafeez1516-0193.75
Naushad Irshadc & b Mohammad Hafeez16-0016.66
Arun Lalb Mohammad Hafeez56-1083.33
Nazar Hussainc Naved Yasin b Mohammad Irfan1311-01118.18
Khalil Ahmedb Mohammad Irfan08-000
Abdul Jabbarnot out00-00-
Extras9 (7w, 2lb)
Total10/99 (19.5 overs, 4.99rpo)
Abdur Rauf4024161----
Mohammad Irfan3.501433.65-----
Kashif Naved201005-----
Rizwan Haider201115.52----
Mohammad Hafeez411744.253----
Zulfiqar Babar402115.25-----

Multan TigersWinner
3/103 2nd innings

Babar Alic Abdul Jabbar b Nazar Hussain01-000
Rameez Alamnot out5250-50104
Gulraiz Sadafc Manzoor Ahmed b Nazar Hussain2017-40117.64
Kashif Navedc Shoaib Khan jnr b Khalil Ahmed2026-1076.92
Naved Yasinnot out36-0050
Did not batAbdur Rauf, Saeed Anwar jnr, Zulfiqar Babar, Mohammad Hafeez, Rizwan Haider, Mohammad Irfan
Extras8 (7w, 2lb)
Total3/103 (16.3 overs, 6.24rpo)
Nazar Hussain3024285----
Arun Lal4024062----
Khalil Ahmed402215.51----
Abdul Jabbar402005-----
Shoaib Khan jnr1.301308.66-----
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