United Arab Emirates UAE v AFG AfghanistanICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2009-10 • Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai — 12 February 2010

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United Arab Emirates
9/100 1st innings

Mohammad Iqbalb Mirwais Ashraf55310100
Arfan Haiderc Hamid Hassan b Shapoor Zadran2690033.33
Abdul Rehmanlbw b Mohammad Nabi1820411090
Khurram Khanc †Mohammad Shahzad b Mirwais Ashraf1350033.33
Saqib Alilbw b Mohammad Nabi2433382072.72
Naeemuddin Aslamb Hamid Hassan1824381075
Fayyaz Ahmedb Mohammad Nabi915180060
EHSN Silvab Hamid Hassan1240050
Qadar Nawazst †Mohammad Shahzad b Samiullah Shenwari4550080
Qasim Zubairnot out65800120
Ahmed Razanot out42400200
Extras8 (6w, 2lb)
Total9/100 (20 overs, 5rpo)
Shapoor Zadran401814.5-----
Mirwais Ashraf401523.751----
Samiullah Shenwari2016183----
Mohammad Nabi401734.251----
Karim Sadiq20904.5-----
Hamid Hassan402325.75-----

6/101 2nd innings

Karim Sadiqb Silva2660033.33
Noor Ali Zadrannot out3846861082.6
Mohammad Shahzadb Silva911100081.81
Nawroz Mangalc Qadar Nawaz b Fayyaz Ahmed1419230073.68
Asghar Stanikzaic Qadar Nawaz b Fayyaz Ahmed2632271281.25
Mohammad Nabib Qadar Nawaz1260050
Samiullah Shenwarirun out (Qasim Zubair)41410400
Raees Ahmadzainot out0010000
Did not batHamid Hassan, Shapoor Zadran, Mirwais Ashraf
Extras7 (6w, 2lb)
Total6/101 (19.3 overs, 5.17rpo)
Qasim Zubair1.30604-----
EHSN Silva401423.51----
Ahmed Raza401203-----
Saqib Ali10909-----
Khurram Khan402506.252----
Fayyaz Ahmed301424.66-----
Qadar Nawaz201718.5-----
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