United Arab Emirates UAE v CAN CanadaICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2009-10 • Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi — 10 February 2010

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United Arab EmiratesWinner
7/142 1st innings

Mohammad Iqbalb Khurram Chohan17101330170
Arfan Haiderb Davison46434951106.97
Abdul Rehmanc Khurram Chohan b Rizwan Cheema511171045.45
Saqib Alic Barnett b Khurram Chohan43294541148.27
Khurram Khanc & b Dhaniram012000
EHSN Silvac Khurram Chohan b Baidwan1114150078.57
Fayyaz Ahmedb Khurram Chohan661100100
Qadar Nawaznot out55500100
Awais Alamnot out32400150
Did not batQasim Zubair, Ahmed Raza
Extras6 (3w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total7/142 (20 overs, 7.1rpo)
HS Baidwan402716.751----
Khurram Chohan302036.66-----
U Bhatti1013013-----
Rizwan Cheema302117-----
JM Davison402917.251----
S Dhaniram401714.25-----
S Keshvani1013013-1---

10/100 2nd innings

Rizwan Cheemarun out (Fayyaz Ahmed/Qasim Zubair)43210133.33
JM Davisonb Awais Alam85801160
GEF Barnettb Saqib Ali1992412211.11
A Bagaib Silva2131373067.74
IS Billcliffc Khurram Khan b Saqib Ali033000
S Dhaniramc †Abdul Rehman b Silva046000
U Bhattic †Abdul Rehman b Qadar Nawaz17162311106.25
S Keshvanib Ahmed Raza1260050
Saad Bin Zafarst †Abdul Rehman b Ahmed Raza1814730128.57
HS Baidwanrun out (Qadar Nawaz)2540040
Khurram Chohannot out84701200
Extras2 (3w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total10/100 (15.5 overs, 6.31rpo)
Qasim Zubair301806-----
Awais Alam2030115-1---
Saqib Ali31923-----
EHSN Silva30722.33-----
Ahmed Raza2.501726-----
Qadar Nawaz201919.51----
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