Afghanistan AFG v USA United States of AmericaICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2009-10 • Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai — 10 February 2010

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4/135 1st innings

Noor Ali Zadranrun out (Imran Awan)2627283096.29
Mohammad Shahzadc †Wright b Cush058000
Nawroz Mangalrun out (Baker)30274830111.11
Karim Sadiqst †Wright b Allen2526242096.15
Mohammad Nabinot out25182621138.88
Raees Ahmadzainot out26172220152.94
Did not batHamid Hassan, Samiullah Shenwari, Shapoor Zadran, Shafiqullah, Mirwais Ashraf
Extras3 (1lb, 2b)
Total4/135 (20 overs, 6.75rpo)
LJ Cush401814.5-----
KG Darlington402506.25-----
Imran Awan302508.33-----
Sudesh Dhaniram401904.75-----
TP Allen302618.66-----
OM Baker201909.5-----

United States of America
7/106 2nd innings

SS Nadkarnic Nawroz Mangal b Mirwais Ashraf1222321054.54
CD Wrightc Mohammad Nabi b Hamid Hassan2838502073.68
LJ Cushc Nawroz Mangal b Mohammad Nabi711130063.63
Sudesh Dhaniramc Noor Ali Zadran b Mohammad Nabi46110066.66
TP Allenb Hamid Hassan981101112.5
RA Marshallrun out (†Mohammad Shahzad/Shapoor Zadran)19182520105.55
A Thyagarajanb Hamid Hassan14111301127.27
SJ Massiahnot out5680083.33
OM Bakernot out001000
Did not batImran Awan, KG Darlington
Extras8 (1lb, 2b)
Total7/106 (20 overs, 5.3rpo)
Shapoor Zadran411303.251----
Mirwais Ashraf401413.5-----
Karim Sadiq302508.33-----
Samiullah Shenwari201206-----
Mohammad Nabi302227.331----
Hamid Hassan401433.5-----
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