Ireland IRE v USA United States of AmericaICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2009-10 • Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi — 09 February 2010

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4/202 1st innings

WTS Porterfieldc †Wright b Verma45283251160.71
NJ O'Brienc Dhaniram b Allen845066102168
AR Cusackc †Wright b Allen46304122153.33
KJ O'Brienc Thyagarajan b Cush33300100
DT Johnstonnot out127901171.42
GC Wilsonnot out52510250
Did not batJF Mooney, AR White, AC Botha, P Connell, GH Dockrell
Extras7 (1w, 5lb, 1b)
Total4/202 (20 overs, 10.1rpo)
KG Darlington4046011.51----
Usman Shuja201708.5-----
OM Baker1014014-----
LJ Cush403619-----
Sudesh Dhaniram403107.75-----
TP Allen302929.66-----
S Verma2023111.5-----

United States of America
6/124 2nd innings

CD Wrightlbw b Connell27120028.57
RA Marshallc †NJ O'Brien b Connell022000
LJ Cushc Mooney b Connell22300100
Sudesh Dhaniramc Botha b Johnston044000
SJ Massiahlbw b Johnston018000
TP Allenc Cusack b Connell67181085.71
A Thyagarajannot out726759110107.46
OM Bakernot out2831460190.32
Did not batKG Darlington, Usman Shuja, S Verma
Extras14 (1w, 5lb, 1b)
Total6/124 (20 overs, 6.2rpo)
P Connell401443.52----
DT Johnston401724.2511---
AC Botha402506.25-----
GH Dockrell4042010.52----
AR White402305.752----
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