Nottinghamshire Outlaws NOT v NOR Northamptonshire SteelbacksFriends Provident t20 2010 • Trent Bridge, Nottingham — 21 June 2010

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Northamptonshire Steelbacks
7/121 1st innings

RA Whitec †Shafayat b Pattinson031000
WPUJC Vaasc Hussey b Pattinson46110066.66
AG Wakelyc Pattinson b Franks43434930100
N Bojeb Pattinson65610120
PW Harrisonb Patel1012141083.33
AJ Hallnot out40373740108.1
E Chigumburac Mullaney b Nannes66700100
DJ Willeyc Hales b Pattinson1310033.33
JD Middlebrooknot out85810160
Did not batJA Brooks, D Murphy
Extras3 (3lb)
Total7/121 (20 overs, 6.05rpo)
DJ Pattinson411944.75-----
DP Nannes403619-----
PJ Franks402015-----
SJ Mullaney201005-----
GG White301605.33-----
SR Patel301715.66-----

Nottinghamshire Outlaws
10/121 2nd innings

AD Halesb Vaas031000
AD Brownc Chigumbura b Vaas88901100
MJ Woodc Wakely b Middlebrook41324350128.12
SR Patelc †Murphy b Vaas031000
DJ Husseyb Hall211100018.18
SJ Mullaneyc Willey b Hall53434660123.25
BM Shafayatc & b Boje2450050
PJ Franksb Boje2530040
GG Whiterun out (Hall)11111610100
DJ Pattinsonrun out (Hall)001000
DP Nannesnot out001000
Extras2 (3lb)
Total10/121 (20 overs, 6.05rpo)
WPUJC Vaas4016341----
JA Brooks302608.66-----
AJ Hall402626.5-----
E Chigumbura201507.5-----
N Boje301926.33-----
JD Middlebrook401914.751----
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