Bihar BIH v HIM Himachal PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2009-10 • Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore — 11 March 2010

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Himachal PradeshWinner
7/159 1st innings

H Dograc Keshav Kumar b Santosh Lal41375432110.81
Sangram Singhc Jaggi b Krishanatry913182069.23
A Balilbw b Nadeem15101430150
R Dhawanc Rajiv Kumar b Krishanatry49353770140
VA Indulkarc Rajiv Kumar b Krishanatry29202721145
N Chauhanc Santosh Lal b Krishanatry44500100
A Mannurun out (†Gautam)00100-
Mukesh Sharmanot out11200100
Did not batK Diwan, AK Thakur, J Mehta
Extras11 (7w, 4lb)
Total7/159 (20 overs, 7.95rpo)
Kuldeep Sharma401904.75-----
YV Krishanatry403147.752----
Ratan Kumar10160163----
S Nadeem402616.51----
Santosh Lal302819.33-----
Sunny Gupta2021010.51----
Keshav Kumar201407-----

4/148 2nd innings

SR Sinhalbw b Dhawan3132445096.87
Ratan Kumarc †Mannu b Mehta97720128.57
IR Jaggib Bali2429461182.75
Santosh Lalb Bali1416220187.5
Rajiv Kumarnot out45262623173.07
SP Gautamnot out18101302180
Did not batKeshav Kumar, S Nadeem, Kuldeep Sharma, Sunny Gupta, YV Krishanatry
Extras7 (7w, 4lb)
Total4/148 (20 overs, 7.4rpo)
AK Thakur302608.662----
J Mehta422616.5-----
R Dhawan4024162----
K Diwan403107.751----
Mukesh Sharma2020010-----
A Bali301926.33-----
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