Gujarat GUJ v SAU SaurashtraSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2009-10 • Deccan Gymkhana Ground, Pune — 24 October 2009

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10/148 1st innings

SP Qureshic Trivedi b Singh031000
SD Jogiyanilbw b Makla554245110130.95
JN Shahc †PA Patel b Singh021000
NR Rathodb Makda17122012141.66
SH Kotakb Trivedi2728421096.42
RV Dhurvc NK Patel b Singh22151720146.66
AB Zalarun out (NK Patel/Singh)011000
VH Joshic Malek b Trivedi73610233.33
JA Odedrac Malek b Trivedi981010112.5
SM Maniarb Trivedi86710133.33
BN Jadejanot out00100-
Extras3 (2w, 1lb)
Total10/148 (20 overs, 7.4rpo)
A Singh412235.5-----
AM Makda403117.75-----
SK Trivedi403749.25-----
NK Patel4024061----
JT Makla403318.251----

9/146 2nd innings

PA Patelc †Jogiyani b Odedra814211057.14
AA Maleklbw b Maniar1330033.33
NK Patelc †Jogiyani b Maniar43310133.33
BD Thakerc Shah b Joshi34243950141.66
JD Desailbw b Joshi32243322133.33
DM Hadiyalrun out (Shah/†Jogiyani)18161701112.5
Sunny Patelnot out29213221138.09
AM Makdab Zala1220050
JT Maklac Shah b Jadeja2430050
A Singhb Jadeja55610100
SK Trivedinot out84810200
Extras4 (2w, 1lb)
Total9/146 (20 overs, 7.3rpo)
BN Jadeja401724.25-----
SM Maniar403127.751----
JA Odedra402716.75-----
AB Zala402516.25-----
RV Dhurv1015015-----
VH Joshi302929.66-----
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