Bihar BIH v ODI OdishaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2009-10 • Railway Stadium, Dhanbad — 23 October 2009

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8/170 1st innings

P Patelrun out (Rajiv Kumar)1112231091.66
Natraj Beherac Nadeem b Kuldeep Sharma011000
N Beherac Yadav b Shukla57505352114
PM Mullickc Shukla b Kuldeep Sharma45303714150
RR Dasc Jaggi b Kuldeep Sharma881510100
AK Sahoob Shukla15111420136.36
RK Mohantyb Shukla95710180
SD Sahoob Shukla034000
LL Samalnot out11100100
Did not batPreetamjit Das, DR Behera
Extras24 (5w, 1nb, 17lb, 1b)
Total8/170 (20 overs, 8.5rpo)
Kuldeep Sharma403037.51----
R Shukla402746.751----
VR Aaron4032082----
TP Yadav30360121----
S Nadeem411503.75-1---
Santosh Lal1012012-----

10/154 2nd innings

RK Nematc Natraj Behera b Mohanty25203130125
SS Tiwaryc & b Mohanty42323680131.25
IR Jaggic DR Behera b Patel981510112.5
Santosh Lalb Patel1315122086.66
TP Yadavc Samal b Patel3480075
Rajiv Kumarrun out (Das)116401183.33
SP Gautamc Mullick b N Behera2350066.66
Kuldeep Sharmac Natraj Behera b Preetamjit Das128811150
S Nadeemnot out30181912166.66
R Shuklarun out (N Behera)00100-
VR Aaronc & b Mohanty67121085.71
Extras1 (5w, 1nb, 17lb, 1b)
Total10/154 (20 overs, 7.7rpo)
Preetamjit Das401814.5-----
DR Behera2021010.5-----
AK Sahoo2024012-----
RK Mohanty402837-1---
P Patel402736.75-----
N Behera403619-----
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