Punjab PUN v HIM Himachal PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2009-10 • Palam A Stadium, Delhi — 25 October 2009

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Himachal PradeshWinner
6/165 1st innings

VS Malikc †Madan b Ablish149711155.55
Sangram Singhb Bipul Sharma2022391-90.9
A Balic Loomba b Gony-34---
A Mannub Ablish4641-66.66
P Dogranot out58426861138.09
Mukesh Sharmarun out (Kaul)41313241132.25
VA Indulkarc Sodhi b Ablish159122-166.66
R Dhawannot out--2---
Did not batK Diwan, Sarandeep Singh, J Mehta
Extras13 (7w, 2nb, 4lb)
Total6/165 (20 overs, 8.25rpo)
MS Gony4-2716.7521---
L Ablish4-44311-1---
B Loomba4-36-93----
Bipul Sharma3-1013.33-----
R Sharma3-24-81----
RS Sodhi2-20-101----
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8/153 2nd innings

S Sohalc Sarandeep Singh b Mehta2015243-133.33
R Inder Singhc Sangram Singh b Sarandeep Singh51414771124.39
RS Sodhic Indulkar b Sarandeep Singh556--100
M Sidhanarun out (Mukesh Sharma)7710--100
C Madanc Mukesh Sharma b Malik21182911116.66
Bipul Sharmac Sangram Singh b Malik2322221-104.54
MS Gonyb Diwan-11---
R Sharmanot out339--100
B Loombac Sarandeep Singh b Malik17753-242.85
U Kaulnot out4111-400
Did not batL Ablish
Extras2 (7w, 2nb, 4lb)
Total8/153 (20 overs, 7.65rpo)
VS Malik4-51312.75-----
J Mehta4-2516.25-----
K Diwan4-3518.75-----
Mukesh Sharma4-21-5.25-----
Sarandeep Singh4-20251----
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