SA Scorpions SA v WA Western FuryWomen's National Cricket League Twenty20 2009/10 2009-10 • St Peters College, Adelaide — 12 November 2009

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SA ScorpionsWinner
3/151 1st innings

S Nitschkec †Wallace b Triscari18161911112.5
JL Woernerlbw b Moyes45375470121.62
KL Roltonst †Wallace b Moyes57436080132.55
TL Claptonnot out1118260061.11
AZ Deannot out86700133.33
Did not batNK Iles, AC Moritz, SC Morrison, TJ McPharlin, SJ Carver, LJ Williams, RJ Peate
Extras12 (8w, 4lb)
Total3/151 (20 overs, 7.55rpo)
RM Farrell402907.25-----
LK Ebsary10150155----
KAD Burns402105.25-----
GL Triscari402817-----
JM Moyes403127.751----
EL King302307.662----

Western Fury
5/116 2nd innings

CA Bamburyb Carver821251038.09
LK Ebsaryrun out (Peate)3233563096.96
JCL Wallacec Rolton b Nitschke1218241066.66
RM Farrellnot out2425301096
AJ Faheylbw b Nitschke021000
ER Rixonst †Dean b Iles1315131086.66
DK Brownnot out66800100
Did not batPA Merrilees, KAD Burns, JM Moyes, GL Triscari, EL King
Extras21 (8w, 4lb)
Total5/116 (20 overs, 5.8rpo)
SC Morrison402205.52----
SJ Carver4012132----
NK Iles403318.252----
S Nitschke401924.751----
RJ Peate401704.251----
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