Western Fury WA v VIC Victoria SpiritWomen's National Cricket League Twenty20 2009/10 2009-10 • James Oval, Perth — 29 October 2009

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Victoria SpiritWinner
6/133 1st innings

EJ Villanirun out88920100
RM Meltonb Triscari616190037.5
JE Cameronc King b Triscari66600100
SJ Elliottc Ebsary b Triscari63425990150
KM Applebeest †Wallace b Holmes1932291059.37
RL Haynesc Hunter b Farrell1314221092.85
EJ Inglisnot out31600300
CR Smithnot out1220050
Did not batJL Hunter, KM Beams, BC Binch, SS Coldrey
Extras14 (6w, 1nb, 7lb)
Total6/133 (20 overs, 6.65rpo)
RM Farrell402115.25-1---
KAD Burns411503.75-----
GL Triscari402636.5-----
EL King2020010-----
LK Ebsary402606.55----
ML Holmes2018191----

Western Fury
10/59 2nd innings

LK Ebsaryrun out11600100
CA Bamburyb Hunter6781085.71
JCL Wallacec Coldrey b Hunter3443563079.06
RM Farrellc Cameron b Hunter037000
AJ Faheyc Haynes b Smith3640050
PA Merrileesb Elliott310130030
DK Brownc Binch b Elliott4870050
CC Hunterst †Inglis b Coldrey11090010
ML Holmesst †Inglis b Elliott1210050
EL Kingrun out (†Inglis)032000
KAD Burnsnot out074000
Did not batGL Triscari
Extras6 (6w, 1nb, 7lb)
Total10/59 (16.3 overs, 3.57rpo)
CR Smith402215.5-----
JL Hunter2.30532-----
BC Binch301003.33-1---
SJ Elliott401132.754----
SS Coldrey301013.33-----
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