Multan Tigers MUL v SIA Sialkot StallionsNational T20 Cup 2009 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 26 May 2009

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Sialkot StallionsWinner
4/196 1st innings

Imran Nazirc Rizwan Haider b Ahmed Raza60294392206.89
Kamran Younisc Kashif Naved b Saeed Anwar54476842114.89
Shoaib Maliknot out62374361167.56
Shahid Yousufst †Gulraiz Sadaf b Kashif Naved46140066.66
Qaiser Abbasc & b Kashif Naved011000
Tahir Mughalnot out11100100
Did not batAbdur Rehman, Mansoor Amjad, Naved Arif, Shakeel Ansar, Kashif Daud
Extras15 (11w, 2nb, 2lb)
Total4/196 (20 overs, 9.8rpo)
Abdur Rauf403508.7521---
Kamran Hussain10160162----
Rizwan Haider4045011.251----
Saeed Anwar jnr403117.751----
Kashif Naved20202101----
Ahmed Raza302518.33-----
Sohaib Maqsood2022011-----

Multan Tigers
10/109 2nd innings

Babar Alilbw b Naved Arif011000
Sohaib Maqsoodc Naved Arif b Kashif Daud55610100
Gulraiz Sadafc Imran Nazir b Kashif Daud2470050
Ansar Javedb Naved Arif661001100
Saeed Anwar jnrc Kamran Younis b Abdur Rehman15153020100
Kashif Navedc Abdur Rehman b Kashif Daud89121088.88
Rameez Alamrun out (Shoaib Malik/†Shakeel Ansar)1728220060.71
Rizwan Haiderc Tahir Mughal b Imran Nazir2731392187.09
Kamran Hussainb Mansoor Amjad011000
Abdur Raufrun out (Kashif Daud/Kamran Younis)2770028.57
Ahmed Razanot out1415162093.33
Extras13 (11w, 2nb, 2lb)
Total10/109 (19.5 overs, 5.49rpo)
Naved Arif302227.333----
Kashif Daud301635.331----
Abdur Rehman301314.33-----
Shoaib Malik3015051----
Mansoor Amjad301615.33-2---
Kamran Younis10101-----
Qaiser Abbas20301.5-----
Tahir Mughal10180182----
Imran Nazir0.50313.6-----
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