Ireland Women IRE-W v PAK-W Pakistan WomenRSA T20 Cup 2009 • The Village, Dublin — 27 May 2009

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Ireland Women
9/86 1st innings

CMA Shillingtonlbw b Sana Mir29273541107.4
IMHC Joyceb Urooj Mumtaz4571080
EAJ Richardsonlbw b Sana Mir2338443060.52
JA Whelanb Sana Mir011000
CNIM Joyceb Sana Mir3880037.5
EA Beamishrun out (Asmavia Iqbal)816180050
HE Whelanrun out (Asmavia Iqbal)1220050
AJ Kenealyrun out (Armaan Khan)813190061.53
SE Kenealylbw b Urooj Mumtaz2660033.33
MT Herbertnot out1370033.33
JC Carrollnot out22300100
Extras5 (3w, 2lb)
Total9/86 (20 overs, 4.3rpo)
Qanita Jalil401704.25-----
Urooj Mumtaz401423.5-----
Marina Iqbal10100101----
Sana Mir401343.25-----
Javeria Khan401604-----
Asmavia Iqbal301404.661----

Pakistan WomenWinner
7/87 2nd innings

Nain Abidib HE Whelan712200058.33
Nazia Sadiqb HE Whelan53410166.66
Armaan Khanlbw b HE Whelan078000
Sajjida Shahrun out033000
Urooj Mumtazrun out13123610108.33
Sana Mirlbw b Richardson1437372037.83
Javeria Khannot out1618231088.88
Qanita Jalilb Richardson43510133.33
Asmavia Iqbalnot out12121320100
Did not batBatool Fatima, Marina Iqbal
Extras16 (3w, 2lb)
Total7/87 (17.5 overs, 4.87rpo)
HE Whelan401132.75-----
MT Herbert20703.52----
JA Whelan301404.665----
EAJ Richardson402225.52----
IMHC Joyce3.502406.264----
SE Kenealy108081----
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