Kolkata Knight Riders KKR v RR Rajasthan RoyalsIndian Premier League 2009 • Kingsmead, Durban — 19 May 2009

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Rajasthan Royals
9/101 1st innings

NV Ojhac †Shaikh b Langeveldt2212-03183.33
RJ Quineyc †Shaikh b Langeveldt12-0050
SA Asnodkarrun out (Dinda)46-1066.66
NK Patelc Ganguly b Langeveldt1422-1063.63
J Bothab Agarkar86-20133.33
YK Pathanrun out (Shukla)915-1060
RA Jadejab Sarkar1419-1073.68
T Hendersonrun out (Hussey)01-000
SK Warneb Agarkar1829-1062.06
MM Patelnot out56-0083.33
A Singhnot out12-0050
Extras5 (3w, 2lb)
Total9/101 (20 overs, 5.05rpo)
BJ Hodge1022022-----
CK Langeveldt401533.751----
AB Dinda4012031----
AB Agarkar401523.75-----
SS Sarkar301515-----
LR Shukla4020051----

Kolkata Knight RidersWinner
6/102 2nd innings

BB McCullumlbw b Singh94-20225
SC Gangulyc Jadeja b MM Patel03-000
BJ Hodgest †Ojha b Botha68-1075
Yashpal Singhc Quiney b MM Patel620-0030
DJ Husseyc NK Patel b Botha913-2069.23
LR Shuklanot out4846-32104.34
SS Shaikhrun out (Botha/Pathan)67-1085.71
AB Agarkarnot out1317-0076.47
Did not batSS Sarkar, CK Langeveldt, AB Dinda
Extras5 (3w, 2lb)
Total6/102 (19.3 overs, 5.23rpo)
MM Patel401423.5-1---
A Singh3.301915.42-----
J Botha401924.75-----
SK Warne4024061----
RA Jadeja201306.5-----
T Henderson201005-----
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