Basnahira South BSS v BSN Basnahira NorthSri Lanka Cricket Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Tournament 2008-09 • Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo — 27 March 2009

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Basnahira SouthWinner
8/158 1st innings

TM Dilshanc Kandamby b Darshanapriya14-0025
HAPW Jayawardenec Vaas b Darshanapriya67-1085.71
RJMGM Rupasinghec Kandamby b Vaas78-1087.5
LPC Silvac Wijekoon b Dissanayake1928-1067.85
HDRL Thirimanneb Mathews7046-62152.17
GACR Pererac Vaas b Mathews1410-11140
KHRK Fernandob Mathews76-10116.66
TAM Siriwardanarun out (Mathews)1710-11170
HMCM Bandaranot out01-000
SHM Silvanot out11-00100
Did not batRAS Lakmal
Extras16 (7w, 1nb, 5lb, 3b)
Total8/158 (20 overs, 7.9rpo)
KMDN Kulasekara402305.75-----
TDD Darshanapriya302327.662----
WPUJC Vaas40241611---
G Wijekoon10707-----
DMGS Dissanayake201417-----
M Pushpakumara2027013.5-----
AD Mathews403238-----

Basnahira North
8/145 2nd innings

DNA Athulathmudalib Lakmal3515-24233.33
TMI Mutaliphc †Jayawardene b Bandara1515-20100
SHT Kandambyc Siriwardana b Dilshan2026-2076.92
AD Mathewsc Lakmal b Fernando2019-20105.26
TDD Darshanapriyab Bandara77-01100
M Pushpakumaranot out2423-20104.34
WMB Pererac †Jayawardene b Bandara12-0050
G Wijekoonrun out (Dilshan)23-0066.66
WPUJC Vaasc Fernando b Dilshan56-0083.33
DMGS Dissanayakenot out65-00120
Did not batKMDN Kulasekara
Extras10 (7w, 1nb, 5lb, 3b)
Total8/145 (20 overs, 7.25rpo)
RAS Lakmal402315.75-----
GACR Perera3043014.3311---
SHM Silva1010010-----
KHRK Fernando402516.252----
HMCM Bandara401834.5-----
TM Dilshan301424.66-----
TAM Siriwardana10707-----
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