Canterbury Magicians CAN v AUC Auckland HeartsState League Twenty20 2008 • Redwood Park, Christchurch — 02 January 2009

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Auckland Hearts
5/150 1st innings

VJ Lindc Bermingham b Satterthwaite1117201064.7
P Mistryc Bermingham b McNeill70506281140
MP Murphyc McNeill b Mackay25162430156.25
RJ Kemberrun out (Mackay)1014271071.42
ML Lynchc Tiffen b Bermingham3550060
SRH Curtisnot out1291410133.33
WL Hornemannot out99900100
Did not batPA Gruber, N Scripps, SM Bullen, S Coetzee, MA Tremaine
Extras10 (6w, 1lb, 3b)
Total5/150 (20 overs, 7.5rpo)
BH McNeill402215.51-000
SK Burke403107.752-000
AE Satterthwaite402315.75--000
FL Mackay4045111.25--000
EM Bermingham402516.252-000

Canterbury MagiciansWinner
9/151 2nd innings

MF Faheyb Tremaine52385852136.84
HM Tiffenrun out (Murphy)29283130103.57
AE Satterthwaiterun out (Bullen)22300100
JC Brehautlbw b Coetzee011000
KA Neilsonc Horneman b Scripps29244410120.83
AC Boyceb Tremaine139911144.44
EM Berminghamb Bullen87810114.28
ML Mitchellrun out (Horneman/Scripps)11200100
RC Milburnnot out871110114.28
BH McNeillrun out (Scripps/†Lind)11100100
FL Mackaynot out11700100
Did not batSK Burke
Extras7 (6w, 1lb, 3b)
Total9/151 (20 overs, 7.55rpo)
N Scripps401914.751-000
SM Bullen403218--000
PA Gruber403408.5--000
P Mistry402706.75--000
S Coetzee201517.5--000
MA Tremaine201829--000
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