Hyderabad Hawks HYD v KAR Karachi ZebrasNational T20 Cup 2008-09 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 04 October 2008

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Hyderabad HawksWinner
4/169 1st innings

Aqeel Anjumc †Ahmed Zeeshan b Tabish Khan914151064.28
Faisal Atharc †Ahmed Zeeshan b Tabish Khan662310100
Mir Alib Fahad Khan3550060
Rizwan Ahmedc sub b Abdul Ameer57436461132.55
Shahid Qambraninot out48364460133.33
Khadim Hussainnot out21182420116.66
Did not batFarhan Ayub, Hanif Malik, Pir Zulfiqar, Nauman Ali, Aslam Sattar
Extras25 (19w, 4nb, 2lb)
Total4/169 (20 overs, 8.45rpo)
Tabish Khan402626.511----
Fahad Khan402716.752----
Abdul Ameer4059114.7564---
Shahzaib Ahmed402606.5-----
Azam Hussain402907.25-----

Karachi Zebras
9/139 2nd innings

Shadab Kabirrun out37376230100
Shahzaib Hasanc Nauman Ali b Pir Zulfiqar61324073190.62
Faisal Iqbalc Pir Zulfiqar b Nauman Ali912150075
Asif Zakirc Nauman Ali b Faisal Athar810220080
Saeed Bin Nasirc †Hanif Malik b Aslam Sattar024000
Ahmed Zeeshanc Nauman Ali b Faisal Athar2430050
Azam Hussainst †Hanif Malik b Aslam Sattar2350066.66
Tabish Khanc Nauman Ali b Faisal Athar2640033.33
Fahad Khanb Nauman Ali2670033.33
Abdul Ameernot out1590020
Shahzaib Ahmednot out2320066.66
Extras13 (19w, 4nb, 2lb)
Total9/139 (20 overs, 6.95rpo)
Farhan Ayub402907.255----
Mir Ali403007.5-----
Aslam Sattar2027213.53----
Pir Zulfiqar402716.751----
Nauman Ali401624-----
Faisal Athar20733.51----
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