New South Wales NSW v TAS TasmaniaTwenty20 Big Bash 2008-09 • Stadium Australia, Sydney — 11 January 2009

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7/194 1st innings

RJG Lockyearc Forrest b Bird51292644175.86
MG Dightonc Henriques b Bollinger43294252148.27
TR Birtc Henriques b Bollinger44171725258.82
GJ Baileyc Henriques b Cameron1380033.33
DJ Marshc †DLR Smith b Cameron54510125
JJ Krejzanot out33242721137.5
TD Painec O'Keefe b Bird34100075
CJ Duvalc Katich b Henriques2430050
MA Divinnot out67100085.71
Did not batGJ Denton, XJ Doherty
Extras6 (5w, 1nb)
Total7/194 (20 overs, 9.7rpo)
DE Bollinger40322811---
MA Cameron4045211.252----
DJ Thornely402205.5-----
SNJ O'Keefe10808-----
AC Bird40402101----
SPD Smith1023023-----
MC Henriques2024112-----

New South Wales
8/166 2nd innings

MC Henriquesc Lockyear b Doherty42252371168
SM Katichc Doherty b Duval18121630150
PJ Forrestc Bailey b Krejza881200100
DJ Thornelyb Krejza1214160085.71
BJ Rohrerc Birt b Divin30232012130.43
DLR Smithc & b Doherty84301200
SPD Smithst †Paine b Krejza2540040
SNJ O'Keefeb Marsh6881075
AC Birdnot out17101520170
MA Cameronnot out14111100127.27
Did not batDE Bollinger
Extras9 (5w, 1nb)
Total8/166 (20 overs, 8.3rpo)
XJ Doherty402626.5-----
GJ Denton201708.51----
CJ Duval201718.5-----
MA Divin4051112.751----
DJ Marsh402616.5-----
JJ Krejza402335.751----
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