Tasmania TAS v QLD QueenslandTwenty20 Big Bash 2008-09 • Bellerive Oval, Hobart — 31 December 2008

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8/184 1st innings

RJG Lockyearb Simpson52283852185.71
MG Dightonc †Hartley b Harris1350033.33
DJ Marshc Carseldine b Harris2680033.33
TR Birtb Simpson20141440142.85
GJ Baileyc Reardon b Rimmington52343760152.94
JJ Krejzac Rimmington b Simpson98501112.5
TD Painelbw b Laughlin20171910117.64
BG Drewc †Hartley b Harris97620128.57
MA Divinnot out2350066.66
XJ Dohertynot out001000
Did not batGJ Denton
Extras17 (9w, 6lb, 2b)
Total8/184 (20 overs, 9.2rpo)
NJ Rimmington3041113.665----
RJ Harris402636.51----
BCJ Cutting1020020-----
B Laughlin402716.752----
CP Simpson4028371----
JR Hopes403408.5-----

4/166 2nd innings

GC Batticciottoc Drew b Krejza38344401111.76
JR Hopesc Bailey b Doherty58383742152.63
LA Carseldinenot out35253321140
NJ Reardonc Birt b Marsh012000
CA Philipsonc Dighton b Denton28171521164.7
CP Simpsonnot out3570060
Did not batCD Hartley, RJ Harris, NJ Rimmington, BCJ Cutting, B Laughlin
Extras4 (9w, 6lb, 2b)
Total4/166 (20 overs, 8.3rpo)
GJ Denton4024161----
MA Divin3032010.66-----
BG Drew2022011-----
XJ Doherty402917.25-----
JJ Krejza402917.251----
DJ Marsh302819.33-----
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