Netherlands Women NED-W v WIN-W West Indies WomenWest Indies Women in Netherlands T20I Series 2008 2008 • Sportpark Het Schootsveld, Deventer — 05 July 2008

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West Indies WomenWinner
8/127 1st innings

NAJ Georgec Rambaldo b Kornet03-000
DJS Dottinc Salomons b Braat1623-3069.56
SACA Kingnot out7957-71138.59
JB Neroc Egging b Braat67-0085.71
LAGL Kirbylbw b de Fouw58-0062.5
DA Lewisc Salomons b de Fouw411-0036.36
CN Nationb Tanke22-00100
CO Taittrun out48-1050
SC Selmanb Egging01-000
ASS Fletchernot out12-0050
Did not batG Seetahal
Extras10 (8w, 2b)
Total8/127 (20 overs, 6.35rpo)
M Kornet4020151----
L Egging4128171----
DM Braat3021273----
D Hannema201708.5-----
MEC de Fouw402125.25-----
AS Tanke3018162----

Netherlands Women
9/69 2nd innings

CFF Oudolfc Dottin b Selman914-1064.28
VCE Wattenbergc Kirby b Lewis312-0025
CA Salomonsb Dottin1627-0059.25
HW Rambaldob Taitt1727-1062.96
AS Tankeb Kirby05-000
DM Braatc Dottin b Seetahal210-0020
MEC de Fouwst †George b Seetahal815-0053.33
M Kornetc & b Taitt02-000
J Pashleynot out34-0075
L Eggingb Seetahal02-000
D Hannemanot out14-0025
Extras10 (8w, 2b)
Total9/69 (20 overs, 3.45rpo)
DA Lewis40912.25-----
SC Selman401914.7511---
DJS Dottin301013.331----
LAGL Kirby30812.662----
G Seetahal301234-----
CO Taitt30722.33-----
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