Ireland Women IRE-W v WIN-W West Indies WomenWest Indies Women in Ireland T20I Match 2008 2008 • Rush Cricket Club Ground, Dublin — 26 June 2008

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West Indies WomenWinner
4/184 1st innings

NAJ Georgelbw b IMHC Joyce1980011.11
SR Taylorc IMHC Joyce b Scott-Hayward904981122183.67
JB Nerolbw b CNIM Joyce2027293074.07
SACA Kingb IMHC Joyce52344735152.94
DJS Dottinnot out64410150
Did not batDA Lewis, A Mohammed, KN Alexander, CN Nation, SC Selman, DGK Small
Extras15 (11w, 3nb, 1b)
Total4/184 (20 overs, 9.2rpo)
MT Herbert4041010.2531---
IMHC Joyce402726.751----
MEMO Scott-Hayward403017.5-----
AJ Kenealy40400101----
CNIM Joyce3031110.331----
NJ Coffey101401412---

Ireland Women
7/109 2nd innings

NJ Coffeyc Taylor b Small5961055.55
CMA Shillingtonb Small811140072.72
IMHC Joycec Selman b Nation2024313083.33
CNIM Joycec Small b Alexander41406250102.5
EAJ Richardsonc Taylor b Alexander1427281051.85
EA Beamishrun out (Lewis)3570060
CL Murphyc Dottin b Alexander1340033.33
MEMO Scott-Haywardnot out1210050
Did not batMT Herbert, AJ Kenealy, JC Carroll
Extras16 (11w, 3nb, 1b)
Total7/109 (20 overs, 5.45rpo)
DA Lewis401704.25-1---
DGK Small302026.662----
SC Selman20703.5-----
KN Alexander4020353----
SACA King2016085----
CN Nation30812.66-----
DJS Dottin201708.51----
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