Centrals CEN v WES WesternsMetropolitan Bank Twenty20 2007-08 • Country Club, Harare — 19 March 2008

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8/121 1st innings

KM Dabengwac Nyathi b Rainsford55-00100
B Staddonc & b Mire3838-21100
T Ngulubec Chapungu b Chinouya1316-1081.25
GM Strydomb Mugochi2320-21115
T Mupariwac & b Mire01-000
TM Mboyic Rainsford b Mire68-0075
MM Mabuzac †Mahlunge b Muzarabani1515-00100
RT Kasawayast †Mahlunge b Mugochi25-0040
S Kusanonot out44-00100
CB Mpofunot out87-10114.28
Did not batJ Nyumbu
Extras7 (5w, 1lb, 1b)
Total8/121 (20 overs, 6.05rpo)
MT Chinouya4028172----
EC Rainsford30812.662----
T Muzarabani4032181----
SF Mire402436-----
B Mugochi402025-----
R Nyathi10707-----

4/124 2nd innings

BM Chapunguc Nyumbu b Mupariwa4427-72162.96
E Chaulukab Mupariwa28-0025
F Kastenirun out1422-0063.63
MN Wallernot out2528-2089.28
T Mahlungec †Ngulube b Dabengwa68-0175
SF Mirenot out2210-31220
Did not batMT Chinouya, EC Rainsford, T Muzarabani, R Nyathi, B Mugochi
Extras11 (5w, 1lb, 1b)
Total4/124 (17.1 overs, 7.22rpo)
CB Mpofu2.1028012.921----
TM Mboyi10210212----
KM Dabengwa402315.752----
GM Strydom201507.5-1---
T Mupariwa401122.752----
J Nyumbu301404.662----
S Kusano1011011-----
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