Delhi Capitals DC v KXI Kings XI PunjabIndian Premier League 2007-08 • Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi — 17 May 2008

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Delhi Capitals
4/118 1st innings

G Gambhirb Powar4028-7-142.85
V Sehwagnot out5126-25196.15
S Dhawanc Chawla b Powar85--1160
TM Dilshanc Pomersbach b Hopes86-1-133.33
MF Maharoofc Powar b Hopes-1----
Shoaib Maliknot out11---100
Did not batGD McGrath, R Bhatia, KD Karthik, A Mishra, PJ Sangwan
Extras10 (7w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total4/118 (11 overs, 10.72rpo)
S Sreesanth3-33-114----
IK Pathan2-13-6.5-----
VRV Singh2-33-16.5-1---
RR Powar2-222112----
PP Chawla1-13-13-----
JR Hopes1-222-----
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Kings XI PunjabWinner
3/94 2nd innings

SE Marshc Dhawan b Sangwan25---40
JR Hopesc Shoaib Malik b Mishra46---66.66
Yuvraj Singhc Maharoof b McGrath238-13287.5
LA Pomersbachnot out2512--3208.33
DPMD Jayawardenenot out3617-32211.76
Did not batU Kaul, RR Powar, IK Pathan, PP Chawla, S Sreesanth, VRV Singh
Extras4 (7w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total3/94 (8 overs, 11.75rpo)
GD McGrath2-1819-----
PJ Sangwan1-121121----
A Mishra2-21110.5-----
V Sehwag1-22-221----
MF Maharoof1-11-11-----
R Bhatia1-8-8-----
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