Canterbury Magicians CAN v CEN Central HindsState League Twenty20 2007 • Village Green, Christchurch — 02 January 2008

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Central Hinds
6/125 1st innings

KE Broadmorerun out (Devine/†Neilson)11300100
AL Watkinsb Devine4854636088.88
RH Priestc Satterthwaite b Burke4041463297.56
KE Tunnicliffec Satterthwaite b Burke036000
SJ McGlashannot out21142131150
KCR Rangic Tiffen b Burke14120025
RH Candyrun out (†Neilson/Burke)2420050
Did not batAK Burrows, ZA McWilliams, KM Cocksedge, SR Thompson
Extras12 (5w, 1nb, 2lb, 4b)
Total6/125 (20 overs, 6.25rpo)
BH McNeill201909.5--000
HM Watson40902.251-000
SFM Devine402215.52-000
AE Satterthwaite2021010.5--000
SE Charteris402005--000
SK Burke40283711000

Canterbury MagiciansWinner
2/129 2nd innings

HM Tiffennot out49496350100
ML Mitchellb Watkins594048100147.5
EM Berminghamc Tunnicliffe b Watkins5761071.42
SFM Devinenot out109720111.11
Did not batHM Watson, BH McNeill, SK Burke, SE Charteris, AE Satterthwaite, KA Neilson, EC Rae
Extras6 (5w, 1nb, 2lb, 4b)
Total2/129 (17.3 overs, 7.37rpo)
KE Broadmore402205.51-000
ZA McWilliams201507.5--000
RH Candy2018092-000
AK Burrows2020010--000
KM Cocksedge20240121-000
AL Watkins301424.66--000
SR Thompson2.311405.6--000
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