Auckland Hearts AUC v OTA Otago SparksState League Twenty20 2007 • Melville Park, Auckland — 07 December 2007

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Auckland HeartsWinner
5/123 1st innings

VJ Lindst †Martin b Morrison413110030.76
RJ Kemberb Campbell36323830112.5
I Cronin-Knightrun out (Griffiths/†Martin)711110063.63
MP Murphyc Tsukigawa b Campbell1212620100
KT Perkinsrun out (Waterreus/Taylor)2325352092
WL Hornemannot out35272930129.62
SRH Curtisnot out001000
Did not batPA Gruber, AJ Green, SM Bullen, P Mistry
Extras6 (5lb, 1b)
Total5/123 (20 overs, 6.15rpo)
KA Griffiths411604--000
TJ Morrison401614--000
SJ Tsukigawa302006.66--000
EM Campbell302327.66--000
TF Waterreus302408--000
CE Taylor301806--000

Otago Sparks
8/83 2nd innings

SJ Tsukigawac †Lind b Mistry43110133.33
MJ Kaneb Mistry31090030
KJ Martinc Murphy b Bullen2431361077.41
ASM Kitchinb Gruber4870050
TF Waterreusb Gruber3550060
CE Taylorc Mistry b Green1219171063.15
AM Te Wakeb Murphy29130022.22
KJ Crowleynot out920270045
EM Campbellrun out (Bullen/†Lind)18151410120
TJ Morrisonnot out011000
Did not batKA Griffiths
Extras4 (5lb, 1b)
Total8/83 (20 overs, 4.15rpo)
P Mistry401624-1000
AJ Green401714.251-000
PA Gruber401223--000
SM Bullen401814.5--000
MP Murphy401914.75--000
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