Dolphins DOL v LIO Highveld LionsStandard Bank Pro20 Series 2004-05 • Kingsmead, Durban — 05 April 2005

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4/164 1st innings

HM Amlac & b Bacher56394080143.58
K Smitb Bacher27244711112.5
SM Pollockc Mall b Bacher44222643200
AM Amlanot out2426352092.3
L Klusenerc Nkwe b Kruger68110075
MS van Vuurennot out11300100
Did not batZA Abrahim, DL Brown, U Govender, I Khan, RP Symcox
Extras6 (5w, 1lb)
Total4/164 (20 overs, 8.2rpo)
DJ Terbrugge403007.51----
GJP Kruger402516.25-----
ET Nkwe3040013.333----
EO Moleon3033011-----
AM Bacher401433.51----
JM Otto10909-----
ND McKenzie1012012-----

Highveld LionsWinner
6/165 2nd innings

AM Bacherc Symcox b Abrahim29213432138.09
MJ Harrisrun out (Khan)1920242095
VB van Jaarsveldst †Brown b AM Amla22213011104.76
ND McKenzieb Klusener35314131112.9
J le Rouxc †Brown b Khan96401150
JM Ottonot out30143732214.28
A Mallc †Brown b Symcox96601150
EO Moleonnot out32400150
Did not batGJP Kruger, ET Nkwe, DJ Terbrugge
Extras9 (5w, 1lb)
Total6/165 (20 overs, 8.25rpo)
L Klusener412917.2511---
RP Symcox402716.75-----
U Govender2029014.5-----
ZA Abrahim401814.5-----
I Khan402917.25-----
AM Amla2027113.5-----
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