Karachi Dolphins KAR v FAI Faisalabad WolvesNational T20 Cup 2004-05 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 28 April 2005

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Faisalabad Wolves
7/169 1st innings

Mohammad Hafeezb Faheem Ahmed24212731114.28
Shahid Muzaffarb Malik Aftab1230050
Asif Hussainlbw b Faheem Ahmed1417263082.35
Khurram Shehzadlbw b Mohammad Farrukh913220069.23
Mohammad Saleemb Fawad Alam8991088.88
Imran Alic Fawad Alam b Faheem Ahmed42211951200
Mohammad Salmanb Malik Aftab32202522160
Imran Khalidnot out27152830180
Tauqeer Hussainnot out221200100
Did not batSaeed Ajmal, Samiullah Khan
Extras10 (5w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total7/169 (20 overs, 8.45rpo)
Malik Aftab4028272----
Iftikhar Ali30270911---
Faheem Ahmed402937.251----
Fawad Alam301816-----
Mohammad Farrukh3033111-----
Haaris Ayaz3031010.33-----

Karachi DolphinsWinner
4/170 2nd innings

Agha Sabirb Mohammad Hafeez24193050126.31
Khurram Manzoorc Khurram Shehzad b Samiullah Khan951520180
Fahadullah Khanlbw b Mohammad Hafeez61384734160.52
Moin Khanc Tauqeer Hussain b Asif Hussain24181830133.33
Fawad Alamnot out22212720104.76
Amin-ur-Rehmannot out1181110137.5
Did not batFaheem Ahmed, Haaris Ayaz, Iftikhar Ali, Mohammad Farrukh, Malik Aftab
Extras19 (5w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total4/170 (18.1 overs, 9.35rpo)
Samiullah Khan30301104----
Tauqeer Hussain2029014.5-----
Mohammad Hafeez403328.251----
Imran Khalid4041010.25-----
Saeed Ajmal4024063----
Asif Hussain10101104----
Khurram Shehzad0.10106-----
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