Karachi Zebras KAR v SIA Sialkot StallionsNational T20 Cup 2004-05 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 27 April 2005

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Karachi ZebrasWinner
5/175 1st innings

Shadab Kabirb Shoaib Malik45413751109.75
Khalid Latifc Imran Nazir b Abdur Rehman33201961165
Fahad Iqbalc Abdur Rehman b Adeel Malik29263702111.53
Afsar Nawazb Adeel Malik30231501130.43
Javed Qadeernot out1371311185.71
Wasim Naeemc †Khalid Mahmood b Adeel Malik96410150
Mohammad Hasnainnot out11500100
Did not batAdnan Malik, Atif Maqbool, Danish Kaneria, Saeed Khan
Extras15 (8nb, 7lb)
Total5/175 (20 overs, 8.75rpo)
Nadeem Javed2021010.5-----
Nawaz Sardar201005-----
Abdur Rehman403619-----
Shoaib Malik403919.75-4---
Qaiser Abbas402406-----
Adeel Malik403839.5-----

Sialkot Stallions
3/171 2nd innings

Imran Nazirc Khalid Latif b Saeed Khan3091514333.33
Shoaib Maliknot out885376113166.03
Shahid Yousufrun out (Saeed Khan)005000
Bilal Hussainc Wasim Naeem b Atif Maqbool2731272087.09
Shahid Siddiqnot out1827282066.66
Did not batAbdur Rehman, Adeel Malik, Khalid Mahmood, Nadeem Javed, Nawaz Sardar, Qaiser Abbas
Extras8 (8nb, 7lb)
Total3/171 (20 overs, 8.55rpo)
Saeed Khan3034111.333----
Mohammad Hasnain403809.5-----
Wasim Naeem402807-----
Adnan Malik10808-----
Danish Kaneria4041010.25-1---
Atif Maqbool4120151----
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