Cape Cobras COB v LIO Highveld LionsStandard Bank Pro20 Series 2003-04 • Newlands, Cape Town — 21 April 2004

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Cape CobrasWinner
3/147 1st innings

AG Putticknot out55558040100
GC Smithc McKenzie b Nkwe18121721150
JH Kallisc Ontong b Bacher37374341100
NC Johnsonc Ontong b Groeneveld1340033.33
RK Kleinveldtnot out29141522207.14
Did not batAC Dawson, H Davids, JP Duminy, WC Hantam, AG Prince, TL Tsolekile
Extras7 (2nb, 1lb, 4b)
Total3/147 (20 overs, 7.35rpo)
GA Roe402305.75-----
ET Nkwe403017.5-1---
RL Groeneveld402716.75-----
AM Bacher402616.5-----
DN Crookes302909.66-----
JL Ontong10707-----

Highveld Lions
10/92 2nd innings

ND McKenziec Johnson b Dawson042000
AM Bacherc Johnson b Kleinveldt1270050
HD Ackermanc Davids b Johnson1420262070
JL Ontongc Davids b Kleinveldt3032473093.75
G Rowleyst †Tsolekile b Smith36120050
JM Ottob Dawson1923311082.6
DN Crookesc Prince b Smith2550040
ET Nkwec Kallis b Smith3580060
AM Omarrun out (Hantam)46110066.66
RL Groeneveldb Dawson38120037.5
GA Roenot out63410200
Extras7 (2nb, 1lb, 4b)
Total10/92 (19 overs, 4.84rpo)
AC Dawson4020352----
RK Kleinveldt4020252----
NC Johnson401213-----
WC Hantam301605.331----
GC Smith402335.751----
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