Colts Cricket Club CLT v NON Nondescripts Cricket ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2004 • R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo — 01 September 2004

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Nondescripts Cricket Club
10/134 1st innings

KD Gunawardenerun out04-000
MN Nawazb Pushpakumara3334-4197.05
KC Sangakkarac DK Liyanage b PS Liyanage3917-42229.41
UDU Chandanac DK Liyanage b Wickramasinghe119-10122.22
HAPW Jayawardenec & b Wickramasinghe36-0050
RP Arnoldc †Kaluwitharana b Wickramasinghe1111-10100
KR Pushpakumarac Kulasekara b Wickramasinghe58-0062.5
RSR de Zoysast †Kaluwitharana b Pushpakumara33-00100
WCA Ganegamast †Kaluwitharana b Pushpakumara77-10100
T Thusharac †Kaluwitharana b Kulasekara99-10100
SL Malinganot out03-000
Extras13 (8w, 5lb)
Total10/134 (18.3 overs, 7.24rpo)
KMDN Kulasekara3.301213.421----
DK Liyanage1016016-----
PS Liyanage3040113.336----
HE Vithana302207.33-----
DCM Wickramasinghe401944.75-----
M Pushpakumara4020351----

Colts Cricket ClubWinner
6/135 2nd innings

S Kalavitigodab de Zoysa3831-50122.58
RS Kaluwitharanac & b Chandana3726-51142.3
HE Vithanac Sangakkara b Malinga612-0050
DCM Wickramasinghec Gunawardene b Ganegama1921-2090.47
TR Peirisc †Jayawardene b Thushara01-000
HGJM Kulatungarun out38-0037.5
M Pushpakumaranot out1711-01154.54
DK Liyanagenot out76-10116.66
Did not batKMDN Kulasekara, PS Liyanage, KRNU Perera
Extras8 (8w, 5lb)
Total6/135 (19.2 overs, 6.98rpo)
KR Pushpakumara10120121----
T Thushara4020151----
SL Malinga402215.5-----
WCA Ganegama2031115.5-----
UDU Chandana3.202116.31----
RSR de Zoysa301113.66-----
RP Arnold201507.52----
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