Burgher Recreation Club BUR v SIN Sinhalese Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2004 • Nondescripts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 16 August 2004

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Sinhalese Sports Club
9/134 1st innings

DA Gunawardenec Arnolda b RCRP Silva2014-21142.85
DNT Zoysac Mendis b RCRP Silva1414-10100
DPMD Jayawardenelbw b RCRP Silva35-0060
LPC Silvac RHS Silva b Arnolda3638-2194.73
BMAJ Mendisc Mendis b Arnolda1723-1073.91
MN Silvac Weerasinghe b Arnolda1614-00114.28
RPAH Wickramaratneb Weerasinghe88-00100
CS Fernandorun out38-0037.5
TT Samaraweerast †Soysa b Arnolda03-000
CRD Fernandonot out01-000
Did not batD Hettiarachchi
Extras17 (5w, 12lb)
Total9/134 (20 overs, 6.7rpo)
RCRP Silva4024362----
KSC de Silva302809.331----
S Weerakoon401503.75-----
CU Jayasinghe302207.33-----
RN Weerasinghe301515-----
DF Arnolda3018462----

Burgher Recreation ClubWinner
7/137 2nd innings

BCMS Mendislbw b Hettiarachchi1725-1068
TJ Madanayakec Gunawardene b Zoysa04-000
RHS Silvalbw b Zoysa02-000
DN Pathiranarun out3729-52127.58
RN Weerasingherun out34-0075
R Soysac Jayawardene b Zoysa1120-0055
CU Jayasinghenot out4628-42164.28
DF Arnoldarun out55-00100
KSC de Silvanot out33-00100
Did not batRCRP Silva, S Weerakoon
Extras15 (5w, 12lb)
Total7/137 (19.3 overs, 7.02rpo)
DNT Zoysa401032.5-----
CRD Fernando404401113---
D Hettiarachchi402716.751----
DPMD Jayawardene3.303108.851----
TT Samaraweera4020051----
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