Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club BLO v PSC Police Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2004 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 16 August 2004

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Police Sports Club
10/133 1st innings

PN Udawattalbw b Varuna3127-31114.81
SA Wijeratnerun out4125-71164
WNM Soysab Dilshan24-0050
KADMC Kuruppurun out34-0075
RGD Sanjeewarun out24-0050
HPA Priyanthac & b Dharmasena24-0050
MM Rasmijinannot out1820-1090
JSM Shazmilc & b Dilshan1110-10110
MY Kudagodagelbw b Dilshan01-000
YAN Mendisrun out911-0081.81
TAVHK Ranaweerab Dharmasena44-10100
Extras10 (2w, 6lb, 2b)
Total10/133 (19.2 overs, 6.87rpo)
D Gamage201809-----
ABT Lakshitha20220111----
MF Maharoof401804.51----
TM Dilshan402335.75-----
TN Sampath1013013-----
HDPK Dharmasena3.201524.5-----
HWU Varuna301615.33-----

Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubWinner
4/135 2nd innings

WS Jayanthanot out8446-86182.6
GI Danielc sub b Rasmijinan66-10100
SHT Kandambyc Mendis b Ranaweera77-10100
TM Dilshanc sub b Priyantha13-0033.33
HDPK Dharmasenac †Kudagodage b Priyantha02-000
MF Maharoofnot out3336-3091.66
Did not batGT de Silva, D Gamage, ABT Lakshitha, TN Sampath, HWU Varuna
Extras4 (2w, 6lb, 2b)
Total4/135 (16.4 overs, 8.1rpo)
TAVHK Ranaweera301715.66-----
MM Rasmijinan3031110.33-----
HPA Priyantha302327.661----
YAN Mendis3024082----
RGD Sanjeewa2.402609.75-----
WNM Soysa10909-----
SA Wijeratne10404-----
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